Which pronoun in the sentence has no specific antecedent?

Which pronoun in the sentence has no specific antecedent? a. itb. somethingc. theird. he


I don't know but I think it is B




Let's try to find the relative or specific antecedent.

the scientist knew that something had to be done to keep the discovery secret or, he (the scientist) would lose his opportunity to announce it (the discovery) first.

As you can see, "he" and "it" does have an antecedent. Therefore, the correct answer is B: something.

Something is an indefinite pronoun; and, in this case, it does not have a specific antecedent.

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The answer is B. Somthing

The correct answer is : something

A pronoun antecedent is a word that comes before a pronoun to which the pronoun refers. The word 'antecedent' itself means something that precedes something else. A pronoun is a word used to stand for or take place of a noun.

In the above sentence, there are three pronouns: something, it and their.

It is a subjective personal pronoun and it refers back to the word fort in the sentence ( it = the front would fall ).

Their is a possessive personal pronoun and it refers back to the words the French in the sentence ( their = in the hands of the French ).

Something is an indefinite pronoun and it does not have a word to refer back to in the sentence. It does not a specific antecedent.

The pronoun that has no specific antecedent in the sentence is Something because is an indefinite pronoun and the indefinite pronouns do not require specific antecedents which means that those ones are used in place of nouns for people, things or amounts that are unknown or unnamed. They are: all, another, any, anybody, anyone, anything, both, each, either, enough, everybody, everyone, everything, few, fewer, less, little, many, more, most, much, neither, nobody, no one, nothing, none, one, other, others, several, some, somebody, someone, something, such, and they (people in general). So for the case of the sentence in mention, the Pronoun is Something.

The correct answer would be "Something"
The pronoun which has no specific antecedent is something. The answer to your question is B. I hope that this is the answer that you were looking for and it has helped you.

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