Which property or water is likely the most significant in water’s role as a universal solvent?

Which property or water is likely the most significant in water's role as a universal solvent? a. water can exist in three states of matter b. water molecules have covalent bonds c. water contains oxygen atoms d. water molecules have positive and negative areas


The correct answer is D. Water molecules have positive and negative areas.

The water is a polar molecule. The polarity of the water is due to the electronegativity of the oxygen. Due to high electronegativity of the oxygen the bond of the hydrogen and oxygen is pulled towards itself, which causes the appearance of slight negative charge on the oxygen and slight positive charge on hydrogen.

These slight charges attracts the molecule and allows the water to dissolve most of the molecules in it.

Water can exist in 3 states of matter

a. water molecules have positive and negative sides is the correct answer.


Water is likely to most significant in water’s role ad a universal solvent because water molecules have positive and negative sides.

Water is a universal solvent as more substances can dissolve in water than in chemical, this is because of the polar nature of water molecule.

oxygen present in the water molecule carries a negative charge whereas hydrogen present in water molecule carries a positive charge.

This assists the water split ionic compounds in their positive and negative ions.

The positive part is drawn to the oxygen side of the water whereas the negative part is drawn to the hydrogen side of the water and these arrangement water molecules are attracted to the other types of molecules and substances are easily dissolve in water.

A water molecules have positive and negative sides.

Because of its high polarity water is consider as a universal solvent.


Solvent is the that part of solution which is present in large proportion and have ability to dissolve the solute. In simplest form it is something in which other substance get dissolve. The most widely used solvent is water, other examples are toluene, acetone, ethanol, chloroform etc.

Water is called universal solvent because of high polarity all polar substance are dissolve in it. Hydrogen is less electronegative while oxygen is more electronegative and because of difference in electronegativity hydrogen carry the partial positive charge while oxygen carry partial negative charge.

Water create electrostatic interaction with other polar molecules. The negative end of water attract the positive end of polar molecules and positive end of water attract negative end of polar substance and in this way polar substance get dissolve in it.


when we stir the sodium chloride into water the cation Na⁺ ions are surrounded by the negative end of water i.e oxygen and anion Cl⁻ is surrounded by the positive end of water i.e hydrogen and in this way all salt is get dissolved.

It is water's chemical composition and physical attributes that make it such an excellent solvent. Water molecules have a polar arrangement of the oxygen and hydrogen atoms—one side (hydrogen) has a positive electrical charge and the other side (oxygen) had a negative charge.


Water is a polar liquid, this means that, the oxygen and the hydrogen atoms in water molecules has partial charges, the oxygen atom is partially negatively charged while the hydrogen atom is partially positively charged. This arrangement makes it possible for water molecule to be attracted to different types of other molecules, thus it is easy for water to dissolve these substances. Water is described as a universal solvent because of its ability to dissolve a wide variety of substances.

Because they have positive and negative sides, the oxygen and hydrogen atoms have a polar arrangement. 
Your answer is A water molecules have positive and negative sides.

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