Which quality of Ancient Greek monsters does the cyclops have?

Which quality of Ancient Greek monsters does the cyclops have?


The Cyclopes possessed several qualities that were shared by other ancient Greek monsters One was that he was misanthropic.

Explanation: In other words, he hated humans. Another was that he was the son of a God. Polyphemus, the Cyclopes in the Odyssey was the son of Poseidon.

Cyclops lives in the wilderness. The correct answer is C.


Cyclops lives in the wilderness like other Greek monsters. They did not fear anyone or anything nor did they have any manners. These people were giant in size and only possessed one eye that was located in the middle of their forehead.

The most well known Cyclops was named Polyphemus. He was first mentioned in Odysseus.

Another quality that these creatures had with Greek monsters were their unnatural appearance, the middle eye and large stature.

He has an unnatural appearanceApex

I think it is A

Explanation: The cyclops in "The Odyssey" cared for sheep

A cyclops has a unnatural appearance and a member of a primordial race of giants with a single eye in the center of his forehead. it was in Greek mythology as you know but later became a roman mythology also.

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he is giant size

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He lives in the wilderness (APEX)

The quality of Ancient Greek monsters that the cyclops has is that he has an unnatural appearance.


Cyclops are described in literature and legends as a very dangerous and enraged creature that has only one eye, ( not like humans do since we possess two), he is also mentioned to be a giant that is very protective of their land. Their appearance can be considered unnatural because they have some human physic features but varied in their size shape or number.

Answer choices please
B. he is giant size in Greek mythology, a cyclop is a gigantic one-eyed monster that was blinded by Odysseus. 

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