Which represents the correct sequence of development of bone cells?

1) Which two minerals are stored in major quantities in bone tissue? b. potassium and irorn iron and phosphorus c. d. calcium and iodine Which represents the correct sequence of development of bone cells? 2) osteogenic cells → osteocytes → osteoblasts b. osteoblasts → osteoclasts → osteogenic cells c. osteoblasts → osteocytes → osteogenic cells osteogenic cells → osteoblasts → osteocytes 3) Bone can be classified as a connective tissue because it contains an extracellular ma that surrounds widely spaced cells a true b. false 4) Cell death as a result of early cellular developmental program is referred to as a. polyposis b. poliomyelitis c. apoptosis d. osteoporosis Superficial layer of areolar connective tissue of the dermis which consist of loose, interlacing collagen and elastic fibers and blood vessels is known as a. b. c. papillary layer of the dermis reticular layer of the dermis lucidum layer none of the above ame the two major layers of the dermis 2.


1.a.Calcium and phosphorous are stored in major quantities in bone tissue. 2.d.Osteogenic cells—>osteoblasts—>osteocytes. 3.a.True. In contrast to epitheila, connective tissue is sparsely populated by cells and contains and extensive extracellular matrix consisting of protein fibers, glycoproteins and proteoglycans. 4.c.apoptosis. This may be the result of natural process of old cells dying. 5.a.Papillary layer of derims. It is thin amd superficial. 6.papillary dermis and reticular dermis. 7.option a 8.option c 9.option b 10.Major funtions of hair are: protection and regulation of body temperature. 11.d.follicle.


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