Which scent do you prefer better? Mango or Peach fragrance?

It would be for a body lotion/body scrub product

15 Answers

  • Peach or peach & mango mixed together 

  • Most likely mango, although peach has a stronger scent

  • I prefer Bleu Cheese 


  • None, I’m limited to medicinal tea tree essential oil cos of my serious skin issues. Otherwise, you’ll just make me run away. Or book a next day flight for short tropical holiday cos I know there are some people who their skin issues dissapeared after the scorching hot abroad sun hit their skin. 

  • Peach, or even fruit salad.

  • Both are nice, but if I had to pick one then I would choose the peach fragrance. 

  • I prefer Bleu Cheese

  • Peach.                  

  • Mango, especially body ᴮᵁᵀᵀer.

  • Peach for a princess, Mango for a man on the go

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