Which scientist discovered cells by observing cork with a homemade microscope?

Which scientist discovered cells by observing cork with a homemade microscope? carolus linnaeus rudolf virchow robert hook theodor schwann


Robert Hooke discovered cells by observing Cork with a homemade microscope.

Robert Hook


Robert Hook, was a scientists and inventor. He wanted to find out how living things are made up of. He prepared a homemade microscope to look more closely at living things.

He prepared slides of thin cork sections which he observed under the microscope.

He found that each cork section was made of tiny boxes. He called these boxes as cells.

C. Robert Hook


Robert Hooke was the scientist who first studied the cork cells under a homemade microscope. It was observed that the cells are very tiny units that are nor visible to our naked eyes.

The cell wall was clearly seen under the microscope and it appeared as small rooms and thus Robert Hooke named it as cell. The cork cell that was studied was taken from the cork cambium of a tree. The cells were dead.

The correct answer is - Robert Hooke.


Robert Hooke was an English philosopher and early scientist of the 17th century. He is known for his observation of the natural world.

His most important discoveries or finding were; microscope Hooke's law and he was first to see the cork in a microscope and discovered and coined term cell in 1665.

Thus, the correct answer is - Robert Hooke.

Robert Hooke, an English scientist, discovered a honeycomb-like structure in a cork slice using a primitive compound microscope. He only saw cell walls as this was dead tissue. He coined the term "cell" for these individual compartments he saw.
The scientist that discovered cells by observing cork with a homemade microscope would be Robert Hooke.

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