Which sections in mature rna do not code for amino acids? see section 17.2 (page 353) ?

Which sections in mature rna do not code for amino acids? see section 17.2 (page 353) ?


Mature mRNA means that the introns in the mRNA is cleaved, then the addition of the 5' cap and the poly-A tail has been done. From this mature mRNA, the sections that do not code for amino acids both the 5' cap and poly-A tail. The 5' cap and the poly-A tail only prevents the new mRNA from degradation in the cytoplasm.

The 5' cap and ploy A tail at 3' end


A newly transcribed RNA in eukaryotic is termed as pre-mRNA. After the processing it becomes a fully mature mRNA.

During the processing capping and splicing is done as follows-

A 5' cap is added to the beginning of the newly formed pre-mRNAA 3' poly-A tail is added to the end of pre-mRNA.Introns are removed and exons are added together, this is splicing.

Thus, during processing, both the ends or pre-mRNA are modified by the addition of some chemicals. These additional chemical sections that are added to the 3' and 5' ends do not code for any amino acid.

The 5’cap and the poly(A)tail at the3’end are part of mature RNA do not code for an amino acid.

Further Explanation:

RNA is Ribonucleic Acid different from DNA by one ribose and RNA is single-stranded.

Types of RNA:


Function of RNA:

Carries information from DNA to a ribosome  Transmit genetic information Play a role in splicing Assemble protein

In TRANSLATION processes mRNA is converted to protein,but to translate mRNA it go under many processing before translating into protein mainly in eukaryotes.

5’Capping: In capping 7’methylguanosine is added to 5’end of the transcription result by joining 5’to 5’phosphate.Capping is done only to protect nascent mRNA from degradation and help in initiating translation,does not code for any amino acid. 3’poly A tail:100-260 residue of adenine nucleotide added   to the 3’end of mRNA to maintain the stability of mRNA,firstly,3’end of mRNA is cleaved and make free 3’OH,then polymerase enzyme attached adenine nucleotide to mRNA,poly A tail help in transport of mRNA from nucleus to cytoplasm for translation,they do not code for amino acid.

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The section of a mature RNA which does not code for any amino acid is THE 5 PRIME CAP AND THE POLY A TAIL AT THE 3 PRIME END; THEY PART OF MATURE RNA AND THEY DO NOT CODE FOR AMINO ACIDS. 
Neither the 5 prime cap nor the poly A tail of RNA is transcribed during transcription.

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