Which security testing activity uses tools that scan for services running on systems?

QUESTION 1 Many jurisdictions require audits by law. O True False QUESTION 2 Regarding an intrusion detection system (IDS), sQUESTION 3 Regarding log monitoring, false negatives are alerts that seem malicious but are not real security events. True FaQUESTION 5 Anomaly-based intrusion detection systems compare current activity with stored profiles of normal (expected) activQUESTION 7 Performing security testing includes vulnerability testing and penetration testing. True False QUESTION 8 The fourQUESTION 9 Regarding security controls, the four most common permission levels are poor, permissive, prudent, and paranoid. TQUESTION 11 Gina is preparing to monitor network activity using packet sniffing. Which technology is most likely to interfereQUESTION 13 Which item is an auditor least likely to review during a system controls audit? Resumes of system administratorsQUESTION 15 What is a set of concepts and policies for managing IT infrastructure, development, and operations? O ISO 27002 CQUESTION 17 Which intrusion detection system strategy relies upon pattern matching? Behavior detection Traffic-based detectioQUESTION 19 Which security testing activity uses tools that scan for services running on systems? Reconnaissance PenetrationAnswer all for a thumbs up!


1) true

2) true

3) false

4) false

5) true


7) true

8) false


10) false



13) Resume of system administrators



16) SYSTEM configuration

17) signature detection

18)black box testing

19) Network mapping

20) false positive error

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