Which sequence best represents increasing complexity?

Which sequence best represents increasing complexity?


The following choices are provided;

(1) tissues → cells → organelles → organs

(2) cells → organelles → organs → organism

(3) organelles → cells → tissues → organs

(4) organism → cells → tissues → organelles

The answer is; (3)

Each organelle performs a particular function in cells. Cells are the basic unit of organisms and are complete self-sustaining life entities.  Many cells, differentiated to perform a particular function, make up a tissue (such as bone, muscle tissues). Many tissues come together to make up an organ such as the heart that is composed of cardiac tissue, nerve tissue, blood tissue, etcetera.  

The question is asking us to choose the order of increasing complexity and the correct answer is (3) organelles → cells → tissues → organs. Organelles are parts of cells, for example a mitochondrium is an organelle. Many cells form tissues and tissues form an organ. Many organ for an organism, for example, a human being is an organism - that's the whole animal or plant.

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