Which statement correctly summarizes why civic participation is important in a democracy?

Which statement correctly summarizes why civic participation is important in a democracy? a. it allows citizens to understand their representatives better. b. it is a legal as well as an ethical obligation for citizens. c. civic participation is a requirement for voting. d. without it, political leaders have no way of representing the people's views.


The answer is option D.


Majority rule government, in present day utilization, has three detects just for an arrangement of government where the nationals practice control by casting a ballot. In an immediate majority rules system, the subjects all in all shape an overseeing body and vote straightforwardly on each issue. In a delegate majority rule government the residents choose agents from among themselves. Basically, a delegate majority rule government is an arrangement of government in which every qualified national vote on agents to pass laws for them. An ideal model is any nation, where we choose a president and individuals from the Congress. Two of the most well-known types of just government are immediate popular government and agent majority rules system. In an immediate majority rules system, residents are specifically required with making laws, and in a delegate vote based system, nationals choose agents who make laws for their benefit.

The answer I believe is D

C !!!


Because the people have their civic duties to take care of that builds a democracy therefore one should vote for president and mayor and sheriff.


When the majority of people dont get involved different things and weird trends will pop up

The correct answer is D.

The correct answer is D: civic participation is important in order everyone gets to express their needs and fight for their rights. This helps elected politicians better understand how their work should be conducted.

Democracy means "people power". There are different forms of democracy; they can be more or less direct, for example. That means a democratic regime can have more or less instruments for the people to express their voice.  

Generally there are always elected individuals to represent large numbers of people. Because of this, it's important in a democracy that civic participation is possible so that people can directly make demands to their representatives and keep an eye on the public Power.

I’m pretty sure it is C

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