Which statement describes the most common characteristic of oral narratives?

Which statement describes the most common characteristic of oral narratives? a) they reveal the writing style of the author. b) they explain rhany details. c) they contain complex characters . d) they are easy to memorize


Oral narratives are easy to memorize. 

D) they are easy to memorize


Oral narratives are commonly passed from one generation to another, grandparents telling stories to their granchildren, parents to sons, this means oral tradition is easy to memorize and they are traditionally stories about the past of a community.

an orals main purpose is to teach moral lessons, characteristic of the stories is the conflict in them.

B. Plot events are obvious.


Usually oral narratives and oral stories are passed from generation to generation and become common knowledge and common wisdom, this means that the plot are very obvius and become predictable but usually have a hidden teching about life and about what a person should do when faced with a certain situation.

I have 3 statements


The characteristics of oral narrations are as follows.

1) They can be real or imaginary.

2) They are structured in dialogue, monolog and paragraph.

3) It is written in past tense

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it would be better if options are given, but then the most common characteristic of oral narratives is that they tell stories, mostly a fable, or a story that has been passed on from generations to generation, and has become an oral tradition. another thing is that they are easy to memorize since they are recited orally

The answer is A.


the answer is b

plot events are obvious

The audience can participate.

An oral narrative is a form of spoken story telling. It requires a speaker and an audience. The storyteller and the audience definitely interact during the telling of an oral narrative. The narrator is interacting with the audience when he or she actually tells the story. The audience can choose to interact by way of asking questions or engaging with the narrator. So, the correct answer is A. 

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