Which statement is true about the given information?

Which statement is true about the given information? bd = bc bc = be bd ≅ ce bc ≅ bd


  ∠AEC measures 90°

Step-by-step explanation:

Angle AED is a "straight angle", so angles AEC and CED are a linear pair. The angles of a linear pair are supplementary, so angle AEC is supplementary to right angle CED:

  ∠AEC = 180° -∠CED = 180° -90°

  ∠AEC = 90°

A horizontal line has points A , E, D. A line extends vertically from point E to point C and forms a

<CED = <AEC = 90°

The answer is <AEC measures 90°.

- Since lines BC, CD, and DE are all congruent, then we know that every time a line reaches either a point or an orange line, we can consider that to have a value of 1, for instance.  BD and CE, in this case, both have a value of 6, and therefore the correct answer is BD=CE.

answer: b

step-by-step explanation:

For this case, the first thing to do is observe that the CE line is perpendicular to the AED line.

Therefore, since both lines are perpendicular, then the angle they form is equal to 90 degrees.

Thus, the angle AEC is:

∠AEC = 90º

A statement that is true about the given information is:

∠AEC measures 90 °.

Step-by-step explanation:


The answer is 90

Step-by-step explanation:

I just took the test.

The answer is C. on edgen.

Step-by-step explanation:

C. BD ≅ CE

The true statement is BD ≅ CE  ⇒ 3rd answer

Step-by-step explanation:

- There is a line contained points B , C , D , E

- All points are equal distance from each other

- That means the distance of BC equal the distance of CD and equal

 the distance of DE

∴ BC = CD = DE

- That means the line id divided into 3 equal parts, each part is one

  third the line

∴ BC = 1/3 BE

∴ CD = 1/3 BE

∴ DE = 1/3 BE

∵ BC = CD

∴ C is the mid-point of BD

∴ BC = 1/2 BD

∵ CD = DE

∴ D is the mid-point of DE

∴ CD = 1/2 CE

- Lets check the answers

* BD = one half BC is not true because BC = one half BD

* BC = one half BE is not true because BC = one third BE

* BD ≅ CE is true because

 BD = BC + CD

 CE = CD + DE

 BC ≅ DE and CD is common

 then BD ≅ CE

* BC ≅ BD is not true because BC is one half BD

∴ The true statement is BD ≅ CE

The only correct answer would be 
∠AEC measures 90°.

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