Which statement summarizes a belief held by john locke?

Which statement summarizes a belief held by john locke? (points : 5) a) government powers should be separated to protect the people b) governments are needed to control weak human nature c) humans can perfect themselves through reason d) all humans have natural rights


The correct answer is D) All humans have natural rights.

John Locke was an Enlightenment thinker who advocated for the idea of inalienable rights. In Locke's famous work Two Treaties of Government he discussed several important political topics including the idea the right to rule is given by the consent of the governed. Along with this, Locke discussed the idea of inalienable rights. Inalienable rights (aka natural rights) are all rights that humans have that cannot be taken away by a government.

This idea is implemented in America's founding document, as Jefferson took Locke's idea and put it into the Declaration of Independence. In our Declaration of Independence it states that all men have natural rights including "life, liberty, and the pursuity of happyness."

D) all humans have natural rights

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"despite progress in the war, lincoln and most political pundits were convinced that he would lose his bid for reelection in 1864. the country was war weary and the democratic party's nominee, george mcclellan, was likely to negotiate a peace treaty with the confederacy if elected." - loc.gov

6 units. ab and lo are congruent sides, and if ab= 6 units, then lo would be the same.

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