Which two groups of organisms contain members that carry out photosynthesis?

Which two groups of organisms contain members that carry out photosynthesis? a. fungi and plants b. plants and algae c. protists and fungi


The answer is B. The most unmistakable photosynthetic living beings are plants. They are described as stationary, multicellular, photosynthetic eukaryotes with cells encompassed by a cell mass of cellulose. Cyanobacteria, in the past alluded to as blue green growth, are amphibian and a reasonable possibility for the life form that turned into the chloroplast found in plants and green growth.
Plants and algae are the two group of organsism which carry out photosynthesis. During the process, they require water, sunlight and carbon dioxide to carry out photosynthesis, and produce energy. These are captured by the cholorphylls, and glucose and oxygen are produced, as a result.

Cyanobacteria, algae and tracheophytes.

plants and algae is the correct answer

Plants and algae


Algae belong to kingdom protoctista which comprise of the protozoans. The protozoa are heterotrophic taking in ready-made food. However, algae have chlorophyll which traps light and make their own food by photosynthesis. The plants belong to kingdom plantae. They all contain chlorophyll and make their own food through photosynthesis.

The correct answer would be B.) plants and algae.

Photosynthesis is the process by which an organism synthesized its food (glucose) from carbon dioxide and water in presence of sunlight and chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is the one of the essential elements required for the process of photosynthesis.

It is a green color light absorbing pigment which helps in providing energy for photosynthesis.

It is present in the chloroplast found in leaves of the green pants and algae. In addition, algae can contain carotenoids and phycobilins as photosynthetic pigments.

The process of photosynthesis is similar in both the plants and algae and is divided into two phases light-dependent and light-independent reaction.

Light-dependent reaction coverts light energy into chemical energy (ATP and NADPH) which is then used in light-independent reaction to fix carbon (obtained from carbon dioxide) into glucose.

Chlorophyll is also found in cyanobacteria however, cyanobacteria is a prokaryotic cell and lacks membrane bound organelles such as nucleus, chloroplast et cetera.  Photosynthesis takes place in the plasma membrane of the cyanobacteria.

In contrast, fungi and animals are heterotrophic in nature as they do not contain chlorophyll and do not conduct photosynthesis.

I think it is fungi and plants.
Plants and algae are the two groups of organisms 
 Members that carry out photosynthesis are called producers and make their own food through the use of chlorophyll. These are usually plants. Among these choices, the groups that are called producers are B.) plants and algae. algae provide for the marine ecosystem

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