Which video games do/did you like the best?

Hack-And-Slash Weapons Fighting Game?

Horror Game?Open World RPG?Racing Game?Shooting Game?Beat ‘Em Up Fighting/Action Game?Martial Arts Game?Sports Game?Fantasy Game?Adventure Game?Pro Wrestling Game?Game To Create and Customize Characters?GTA Game?Who do you like better: Mario, Sonic, or Spyro The Dragon?James Bond Game?Favorite Game Console Of All Time?I asked this before, but it wouldn’t stay up for long. I thank Candle who answered. I want more opinions.

2 Answers

  • At the moment, I’m playing Racing games mainly. Recently bought a logitech wheel and peddles as an entry into sim racing. So now it’s Asetto Corsa, PC2 and F1 2020.

    I loved the Splinter Cell games, the challenge of getting through a level without being seen was class.

    In the old days (64 bit and older), it was mainly platformers (Mario world, mario 64 etc) and the games like Goldeneye, Metal Gear Solid etc…

  • Open world RPG or adventure games.

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