Which word best describes the mood at a vigil?

Which word best describes the mood at a vigil? Serious or playful


A). Vigilant.


Mood is described as the ambiance or atmosphere created by the author to elicit certain feelings or emotions of the author. Such atmosphere is created by the employment of words that proposes an emotional setting which aids to evoke desired response from them.

As per the given question, the words that best describes the mood of this poem would be 'vigilant' as it proposes a watchful and wary tone. The poet employs simile to compare himself to a deer who is always aware, watchful, and attentive. Thus, it offers a wary mood to the poem. Therefore, option A is the correct answer.



The answer is: vigilant

In literature, the mood involves to the emotions a piece of work causes in the readers. In the poem "Simile," the author N. Scott Momaday makes reference  to the distance between the speaker and his lover, and expresses that there is a feeling of imminent danger. As a consequence, he suggests to keep careful watch for possible uncertainties or difficulties.

The correct answer is A. Vigilant


In literature, the mood refers to the atmosphere the writer creates in a literary piece and that is reflected on the vibes, and emotions that emerge in the reader while reading the literary piece; examples of mood include peaceful, dark, or vigilant. Additionally, the mood is created by the details used by the writer and the actions in it. In the case of the poem "Simile" by  the writer N. Scott Momaday the writer compares people to a deer "what did we say to each other that now we are as the deer" and after this describes the deer behaves this include walking carefully with the head high, having ears in an attentive position and watching carefully, also it suggest the position of deer expresses it is ready to flight or scape if necessary, considering this, the mood or the feeling it creates on the reader is "vigilant" because it describes, including a bit of suspense, the way a deer is watching an attentive to run if necessary, which means the action of the deer and the use of words makes the reader feel the vigilant state in the poem.

I think that it is C.
Iwould need the poem to you answer that
The answer is A.Vigilant
The answer it vigilant

If you read the excerpt you can kinda tell already its not a thankful tone of voice or a lighthearted type of poem and more so not even a jealous type of poem either so the most likely answer would be viligant

Serious is the answer to ur question


. Ok

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