Which word’s root means ‘all or every?

Which word's root means "all or every? " (5 points)


The word's root that means "all or every" is:


A pandemic is a diseases that is prevalent or widespread in an entire area. "Pan" means all or everyHypnotic means sleepiness. The root word "hypo" means under. Necrology is a least of recent deaths. The root word "necro" means dead. Thermostat is an instrument that measures the temperature and expands or contracts.  Thermostats are inside air conditioners. The root word "thermo" means temperature.



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Out of the choices given, the word's root that means "all or every" is going to be pandemic. Pan means all. The correct choice is C.
Pandemiv is the correct answer
The correct answer is "pandemic" The root "pan" means all or every. 
The correct answer is "pandemic"

The root "pan" means all or every. Other common words that have the pan root are "paneuropean" or "pantheon".

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