Who are Amber Select. They are withdrawing money via direct debit from by bank account?

Direct debit – how do I trace money going out when I dont know who the company is? I could cancel the payment but will this count as a black mark against me? What if its something important I’ve just lost track of?

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  • Contact your bank.

    Are you in the U.K.? Amber Select Ltd. is a loan company:

    Amber Select Ltd

    Amber House,

    Unit 3 Lindenwood,

    Chineham Business Park,

    Basingstoke, RG24 8BR

    0800 587 3016

  • Amber Select

  • JAY.S has done all the leg work for you phone them ask what the F*** is going on but ASAP! Anyway if you have so much money going in and out of your account that you may have lost track of something important seems that you should be a bit more carefull with your personal book keeping system but get it sorted out you may be an I.D. theft victim so get your S*** in order mate ! ……………………………………….

  • you should always know who is taking money from your account. canacel the direct debit immediatley. if it’s anything you consider important then they will contact when the next payment i not received.

  • Talk to your bank right away. They should put a hold on your account until you can track down who this is.

  • Amber select deal with motor insurance companies.

    If you have car insurance and pay monthly, it is very likely the insurance company has used Amber Select.

  • I agree with Chuckie, get on to your bank as soon as possible and check out who they are before you loose any money.

  • Contact your bank immediately.

  • If you dont know who they are then cancel the payment !!!!

    they will get in touch if you are supposed to pay them and so you can ask who they are.

    dont pay if you dont know !!!!!

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