Who are the tallest and heaviest drivers in NASCAR?

Any driver during the past 20 years.

15 Answers

  • tallest:

    michael waltrip (mmm, that's all i can really think about for the last 20 years.. there was another driver pretty tall, but i think it was back in the beginning of the sport)


    jimmy spencer

    tony stewart

  • Tallest Nascar Driver

  • Tony's 180ish, I believe.

    An interesting tidbit I hadn't known:

    Do heavier drivers have a disadvantage over the drivers that don’t weigh as much?

    Each car must weigh a minimum of 3,400 pounds ready to race, which includes the weight of the gas, oil, water, etc. Weights are added to cars whose driver weighs less than 200 pounds. Based on a starting driver weighing 200 pounds, drivers add weights in 10-pound increments up to a maximum of 50 pounds. For example, a driver weighing 185 pounds, adds 20 pounds of weigh to the car, and a driver weighing just 145 pounds adds the maximum 50 pounds(7-19-2000)

  • Tallest--Michael Waltrip and Elliott Sadler.

    Heaviest--my boy Tony Stewart's a bit chunky, and so is Ryan Newman.

  • Michael Waltrip is the tallest!

    Either Jimmy Spencer or Ken Schrader are the heaviest!

  • I know that Tony Stewart weighs well over 200lbs but other retired drivers are heavier. Junior Johnson must be close to 300 lbs. I don't know about the tallest drivers.

    One the other end of the scale I know that Juan Montoya weighs about 140 lbs.

  • Tallest - Michael Waltrip

    Heaviest - Jimmy Spencer or Buddy Baker

  • I watched an interview where Michael Waltrip was on the Jimmy Kimmel show. He said himself that he is 6'5". He is a marathon runner and usually stays very lean but this year he has gotten kinda fatty. But I KNOW that Tony Stewart HAS to weigh more than him.

  • Michael Waltrip is 6'4". Looking at the guys when they are interviewed I think maybe Tony Stewart is chunky looking and also Ken Schrader looks a little portly. Could be the driving suit.

  • Michael Waltrip is like 6'6 and over 200 lbs.

    Not sure on Tony Stewart's weight, but he's up there as well.

    My #1 vote would have to be Jimmy Spencer, but he doesn't race much these days.

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