Who belongs to tribe bani kalb in Syria and on whose side they are ?

There is a prophesy of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) about conflict in Syria in which

bani kalb tribe will be against the righteous.

To which tribe president Assad belongs ?

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  • Mujhe to yahi lagta hai ki Assad ki tribe dajal ko belong karti hai.

  • Tribe Of Kalb

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    There is only one tribe to belong to. The whats right for America tribe. There in is the rub. So many opinions and philosophys so few dynamic leaders to make it work. Obama is not a leader quite contrary to opinion. He is a master Manipulator. A Leader is someone who takes the damn Bull by the horns, and deals with all the events where the ride takes him. No cherry picking, and making excuses, Obama has and never will grasp that. Geraldo Rivera, nothing more than a opportunist. He grandstands on the plight of others misery, Like Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. For all of the hours these three men have been in the face of America, Name one damn thing they have improved. We are all never going to agree on one thing. But we should all be leaning towards resolving problems and issues. United we do stand, Divided we will fall.

  • This is the month of Ramadan, and if you have nothing decent to say to another, be they a believer or not, it is best kept to yourself and certainly not written down. Certainly answer the question but have respect of the month, even if you have no respect of the person and their questions.

    There are no prophesies from the Prophet (pbuh) for he stated within a good and true hadith that he could not do so, for it was an attribute of Allah alone, who knew everything, which he certainly did not. Any hadith in which a prophesy is leveled at the Prophet (pbuh) is usually false due to the hadith quoted, which can be found in Bukhari and Dawood.

  • The al-Assad family (Arabic: عائِلَة الأَسَد‎) The Assads are originally from Qardaha, just east of Latakia in north-west Syria. They are members of the minority Alawite sect and belong to the:

    Kalbiyya tribe.[2]

  • he belongs to ……

    Bani …..



    follow the link for proof

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