Who is Abenader in “The Passion of the Christ (2005)”?

Did the cinematographers invent the name of Abenader for the Roman soldier who is in charge under Pontius Pilate in the Film? If so, why did the cinematographers invent the name Abenader? Abenader is not seen in the Historical and Biblical sources. What is the meaning of Abenader if it was invented?

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  • They needed to call him something. He’s listed in the Biblical accounts as ‘the centurion’, but you know that he actually had a name.

    Gibson, in addition to the Gospels, used a book written by Anne Catherine Emmerich, to help tell the story of the Passion.

    This is an account of the events leading up to the Crucifixion of Christ by a 19th century German stigmatic and visionary, Anne Catherine Emmerich. This once-obscure book recently achieved a much higher profile because it was used as an inspiration for the screenplay of Mel Gibson’s controversial movie, The Passion of the Christ. A riveting ‘you are there’ account of this pivotal event, the story is told with great attention to small details, many not mentioned in the Gospels. This is not a novelization; it is a recounting of Emmerich’s ecstatic visions, which were accompanied by painful and mysterious physical torments. Emmerich was practically illiterate and this book was dictated by her, which makes the fact that the narrative is so internally coherent all the more compelling.

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  • Abenader (the Centurion-leader of the Roman Army) stop the tauter of Jesus. He believed Jesus did not do any crime. Abenader was later changed to St. Ctesiphon.

  • the centurion

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