Who is the jamaican actress that killed Lennox In Belly??!! Where can i get info on her?

The movie Belly had some interesting characters in it, most notably for me, the Jamaican woman named Chiquita(unsure spelling sorry) who slits Lennox the drug kingpin’s throat. Who is this actress or extra and where can I finf information or pics? Thanks : )

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  • do you mean the one with that really intricate headdress on? Go to imdb.com and search “belly”. then look at the cast and look for Chiquitas character and it should have her eeal name next o it. then search her real name in imdb.com. Thats one of my fave movies- really underrated by the mainstream……

  • Belly Movie Cast

  • IMDB.com, International Movie DataBase. Has (almost) everything. I LOVE awesome search engines. That or you could just watch the credits and google the name. Also check the Screen Actor Guild site(s), she HAS to on there somewhere. Aight, good luck!

  • I had also asked this same question 4 times, and did not receive a proper answer

  • Taral Hicks, (Kisha role in “Belly”) (Born in Queens, New York ) she is African……………………………….

  • this should help you shahsweetypie!!

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