Who killed tupac and biggie smalls?

I mean, By now their has to be someone who was caught and charged with a killing.. Does anyone know about that?

I am watcing Notorious right now.. lol.

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  • "No one knows"

    Wrong, everyone knows, except people outside the Hip Hop community who aren't fans. The fans know, the police know, their mothers know.

    Tupac's mother filed a wrongful death suit against Orlando Anderson (the crip that killed Tupac, who got what he deserved and is now dead). 13 southside crips were killed in Compton the week Tupac died.

    Biggie's mother filed a wrongful death suit against the LAPD (The ones who killed Biggie). 2 of the cops who were involved in Biggie's shooting are both in prison now on unrelated charges, David Mack and Rafael Perez. Nino Durden, another one who was involved in Biggie's shooting got 5 years in prison which he already finished, for an attempted murder charge on a person he wrongfully arrested.

    Tupac's death had nothing to do with Biggie or eastcoast/westcoast war.

    Biggie's death had everything to do with it, and Suge Knight arranged that one.

    Nobody was ever charged with their deaths.

    As far as the first time Tupac was shot, people said they didn't know who did that either. But everyone knows. It was 2 men hired by Jimmy Henchman (who worked for P Diddy), King Tut and Haitian Jack. Biggie and Diddy knew they were going to rob Tupac and didn't warn him, but they didn't know he was going to be shot (at least that's the word on the streets). Randy Walker (Stretch) was with Tupac when it happened, and he had helped arrange the whole thing and that's how they knew Tupac would be there at the studio at that exact time. He started hanging out with Bad Boy affiliates after the shooting. Stretch was shot and killed a year later, on the exact same date that Tupac was shot a year earlier. So he got what was coming to him too.

    Tupac dissed Stretch on the first verse of "Holla at Me" when he got out of prison. Lots of people don't know who he's talking about, but there's one line where he says "you could never be LIVE", which is referring to the group Stretch was in when Tupac met him, Live Squad.

    The Notorious movie should not be taken seriously, it's about 40% fiction.

    Even though 50 cent never knew Tupac and had no affiliations with him at all, he mentions King Tut in the song Many Men "The Feds didn't know much when Pac got shot, I got a kite from the pen saying Tut got knocked."

    Tupac mentions most of these people in his song "Against All Odds".

  • Who Killed Tupac And Biggie

  • Who Killed Biggie Smalls

  • Wardell Foust Ska Darnell Bottoms an gang member paid by Suge Knight was Biggies killer.Orlando Anderson was Tupac's killer.Confirmed by former LAPD Officer Greg Kaeding

  • Big Poppa didn't kill Tupac, he never even thought to do something like that. Watch Notorious movie, there is presented the both sides and Biggie was very sad after his death, he always wanted to make things right with his old buddy Pac but the west side rapper acted all the time too volcanic and violent, never listening to nothing and not even trying to talk with Big. 2pac was too wild and thuggish in his behavior and that's why things got out of control. He was the one who wronged Biggie and the one responsible for the war between East Coast and West Coast. Who killed pac and biggie later ? well that's still a dilemma but i think that it was all premeditated and planned long before any of the two could have thought. And the state authorities were in too with the criminals who organised them hits, that's why the murder cases are unsolved even in our days. R.I.P Biggie and 2pac!

  • the illuminati colt killed tupac his baby mother's brother killed biggie

  • Sean "puffy" Combs

  • The illuminatis killed them because they both turned against them same case with michael jackson.

  • No one knows.... But whoever did it has truely pissed me off grrr

    Two true rap legends took too soon 🙁 RIP

    I think that there is a lot of underground sh*t that we dont know about to be honest 🙁

    And ... I do feel that they are still alive ... they rock 😀

  • Society. Plus two gangs. They were actually friends who made a living "hating each other".

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