Who knows what ‘petit chou’ means?

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  • Literal translations are never as romantic as the context in which the phrase is originally spoken.

    petite chou is an endearing term and accepted as such. xx

  • Petit Chou Fleur

  • Ma Petite Chou Fleur

  • In French, a term of endearment is to call someone 'mon petit chou-fleur' (masculine), or 'ma petite chou-fleur' (feminine).

    The literal translation into English is, 'my little cauliflower'. I therefore assume that the French may shorten this to 'mon petit chou', which means 'my little cabbage'.

    Think I've got it right.

    It's good to learn foreign languages, keeps the brain cells active.

    Best of luck, Benvee.

    Source(s): GCE 'O' Level French, Summer 1955
  • In French, it means literally "little cabbage." It is usually meant as a term of endearment. Also 'petit chou fleur' means 'little cauliflower' with the same usage. As they say, the French have a word for it.

  • As stated just above me, "mon petit chou" is short for "mon petit chou à la crème" (and NOT mon petit chou fleur - that's not really cute!). It literally means "my little cream puff". Basically, it's like "darling",etc. Often for kids, though, but also often for grilfriend.

    I'm French.

  • A term of endearment literally meaning 'my little cabbage'!

  • Mon petit choux a la creme is the full phrase and makes a lot more sense than 'small cabbage'.

    'My little cream bun' (mon petit choux a la creme) is the term of endearment that is commonly used.

  • I believe it is an abbreviation of the French for Petite Choufleur (or something similar) meaning literally 'my little cauliflower' - but don't panic, it is definitely a term of endearment!

  • Interesting and a coincidence that had a recent conversation with a lady and felt left out of understanding the term 'petit chou' been place in her bra to assist withʙʀᴇᴀsт feeding!!

    I thought they were having a joke but apparently a small slice of cabbage does help duringʙʀᴇᴀsт feeding !!

    A small cabbage.

    And thats true, check it out on the web.

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