Who originally sang Give Me The Beat Boys?

Was it the Doobie Brothers or whatt?

5 Answers

  • It was Dobie Gray.

    "Both the original "Drift Away" single, and album of the same title, were the final records pressed on the Decca Records label, before it was absorbed by MCA."

    The version by The Doobie Brothers is good though.

  • The song is called "Drift Away". It was written by Mentor Williams and first recorded in 1972 by John Henry Kurtz. The most famous version of the song was sung by Dobie Gray in 1973.

  • Doobie Brothers Wiki

  • I don t know who originally sang it but I leaened who wrote it. You can read about it in the link below.

    Source(s): www.lyricsfreak.com/b/bill+withers/give+me+the+beat+boys_20599875.html
  • I thought it was Dobie Gray, but apparently it was John Henry Kurtz.

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