Who sings the 80’s song “Move Out”….don’t mess around, you bring me down….?

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  • yazoo

    the song is called…situation

  • They were Yazoo in the UK, and known as Yaz in the US.

    Situation is from the AWESOME album "Upstairs At Erics" – I highly recommend you buy that album if you like that tune.

    Vince Clarke was in Depeche Mode for their first album, and before he formed Erasure with Andy Bell, he released 2 Yaz/Yazoo albums with vocalist Alison Moyet. They were very influential on the dancefloor – and influential to the early techno/electro scene.

  • Yaz Situation

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    Who sings the 80's song "Move Out"….don't mess around, you bring me down….?

  • Its Yaz- wit Alison Moyet and one of the guys from Erasure. Its from the album upstairs at Erics

  • Yaz (or Yazoo, they went by both).

  • yaz

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