who sings this song and whats it called?

***** im from dallas..i rock leathers.shag on my head..big money crip…home of the killas home of the g’s."something like that

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  • tum tum

    home or the killas, home of the g’s boyz round here crawlin dub duece d’s (X4)

    im from dallas i rock leathers shag on my head flya then a feather big money grip leanin on the switch floatin on them d’s wit another ɴιԍԍᴀs blowin sour cush sippin on that oil this is dallas texas holla at ya boy i aint gotta job but all day i work 20 grand on the table let it ride on dirt ice on the neck ice on the wrist g rock thats my * he gon want my from the am to the am i grind whats on ya plate im gettin mine *** what ya heard im gettin rich cruisin down the block wit my oakcliff she bittin on her slip sayin she want it badly crawlin on dub dueces wit her mothaғυ-cĸin daddy zilla!!!

    home of the killas home of the g’s boys round here crawlin dub duece d’s (x4)

    i stay spaced out keep ya partner stuck in his place they know rock will put that big dot right up in his face to hell wit the waist im walkin wit my heat in my hand tryin to see if each one of my pants ill hold 50 grand its a plan i got to get wiked flip n flow somethin **** they head up for a min spin it endore some when i get it imma spend it jus like bubba buy rims that so big u aint find no rubber man i love it ever time k rob touch see i know cats in the city wit tv’s in cutlasses tell me the people say we all bad kids smoke weed drank pop pills like yall did man know im thinkin its alot mo bread cuz its alot mo wemon and alot mo head a dont get it twisted its alot mo drama everything bad no daddys alot mo mommas

    Dub Duece D’s Lyrics

  • Dub Duece D’s by Big Tuck And Tum Tum

  • ***** Im From Dallas

  • i think it’s ‘dub duece d’

    type ‘dub duece d’ in on youtube.

  • no such thing.

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