who sings what it is yo a whats up can a player just keep in touch?

3 Answers

  • TrilleVille, Some Cut


    What it is yo, ah what's up (what's up)

    Can a playa just keep in touch (in touch)

    Crunk you up like you ain't been crunk (crunk up)

    Show us all how to really give it up (oh yeah yeah)

    Well give me you number and I'll call (I'll call)

    And I'll follow that thang in the mall (in the mall)

    Take you home, so we can do it all (do it all)

    While I'm -- down your walls (oh yeah)

    [Verse One]

    This your boy Mr. Funkadelic, what's the business baby

    I've been eyeing you all day in the mall miss lady

    You looking good, I think I seen your -- in the hood

    With your friends dressed up, trying to front if you could

    But anyway, gone and drop a number or something

    So I can call you later on, on your phone or something

    Take you home, and maybe we could -- or something

    It's no limits to what we do, cause tonight we --, -- busting

    -- something viscious

    With your l-- to the ceiling, catch a -- someting serious

    You delirious, or might I say you -- so delicious

    With your pretty brown skin, like I'm enjoying your kisses

    And you ah certified -- doctor

    Number one staller that takes -- -- and won't holler

    -- you over and I"ll follow you straight to the room

    Where it goes down lovely in the Legion of --


    [Verse Two]

    You know the deal before a playa even stepped

    Damn that -- hot, seems like it's gone melt

    You know I give it to you til you run out of breath

    Then -- all over yourself

    The first time I called, you were juggling on my --

    In and out of your --, I was -- --

    Had your -- breaking laws for a player was the cause

    And every time you seen a G you was slipping off your --, I recall

    I met your -- at the mall, in the fall

    You the one with the dress on, let me take you home

    Show your -- how to get it crunk, up in the --

    Crunk you up like you ain't been --

    -- then to the side (side) to the front

    Turn around, you down to ride

    I -- them thighs, anyway that you want me

    So gone see about a pimp and that monkey

    And that's fo' sho'


    [Verse Three]

    What's the business baby, can I get in them --

    I like the way your hands rub against my --

    Cause you the one, a -- met at south dekalb mall

    With your pretty brown skin, thick thighs and all

    135 petite, and your smell is unique

    Maybe we can exchange numbers and hook up in the week

    Oh, You a freak, I knew it from the first time I saw you

    The way you played with your tongue, I knew right then I would call you

    So what it is, they call me Don P from the ville

    And I'ma tell you like this, cause a playa so real, and stay trill

    Cause all I wanna do is just --, with that -- in the air, and the -- --

    And I feel, you love to do it up on a hill

    Take every -- cuz you love how it feel

    So girl chill, and shut your mouth just for a minute

    While I -- you on your back and my -- all in it


  • Trillville- tight song!

  • some cut its by triville

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