Who thinks Panic at the Disco sucks?

12 Answers

  • Not me…..

    I think my neighbors do though…..

  • Panic at the disco is mass produced POP under the guise of punk in order to sell it to little girls and boys who want to dress in black and pretend they are different whilst conforming to a smaller group of consumers who call themselves emo.

    LMAO.. they SUCK!

  • panic at the disco are a bunch of crying *******

  • O my gosh ya I am positely sure they suck big! I would not consider that crap music. It is over played and I dont know how anyone can like it! Seriously if you listen to the words of their songs it is the dumbest things I have ever heard of!!!

  • they (Panic at the disco) are boring

  • me 10 years after this question started

  • Panic At The Disco Sucks

  • I don’t think they suck. I just don’t really care for their songs.

  • I wouldn’t say they suck… I just don’t really like their music.

  • Me. So much.

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