Who was considered judaism’s greatest prophet?

Who was considered judaism's greatest prophet?


Moses was considered Judai's greatest prophet.
Moses was considered Judaism’s greatest prophet.

A) Moses  

That's the answer



Moses was raised in the times the Jews were slaves to the Egyptians. He is believed to have recieved the Command from God to deliver his people from the Egyptian pharao.

Moses is the main prophet that is also the author of the Sacred Texts for the Jewish religion. The Torah contains five books that are the pillars of the faith for the Jews.

The law was given by God to Moses and the Ten Commandments and Leviticus are the texts that contain a series of laws concerning all aspects of life.

Moses is believed to have led the Jewish people into "The Promised Land" that were habited by fierce opponents.




The answer is Moses

Moses is considered Judaism's greatest prophet. Although it is true that unlike Islam or Christianity, there are not any specific prophets that is considered the supreme of the religion of Judaism, but still Moses has been considered one of the greatest prophets of Judaism.  Moses is considered the greatest because he was the prophet that directly communicated with God. This power was a rare power and this is the reason behind thinking Moses as the greatest prophet regarding the religion of Judaism.
Moses was considered Judaism’s greatest prophet 🙂
Moses, he was considered the greatest prophet
The answer is A Moses 

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