who won the Fedor vs. tim slyvia fight ?

thx fellas needed to know so i could collect my money b4 my homeboy dipped out

20 Answers

  • Fedor won by submission in 36 seconds he hit Tim with a shot that stund him Tim after the fight said he's never been hit so hard I used to watch Fedor in Pride before the company closed in 2007 and this guy is not human i don't think there is anyone in the UFC that can beat him i would like to see him fight Lidell or Couture but to be honest with you i think Fedor can beat them both Tim Sylvia my God 36 seconds thats impresssive and he's one of UFC's best fighters look for Fedor to become the next heavyweight champion in the UFC

  • Fedor

  • Fedor by rear naked choke 36 seconds into Round 1

  • Fedor won, like that is a shock. It was a pretty unfair fight though, Slyvia sucks and was not even a challenge!

  • fedor won via submission 36 seconds round 1

  • Fedor won by using the rear naked choke at :36 of the 1st round.

  • This does not belong in boxing. However, Fedor crushed him. Thank you everybody who saw the fight. You are helping to make Trump even richer!

  • Fedor won. Easily. Tim's career is just about done.

  • Fedor, by demolishing former UFC-multichampion Silvia

  • Fedor straight killed him.. made him tap out in like 36seconds. it was wild! But Yea Fedor won with the choke/

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