Who’s Johhny from Eden of the East?

In Eden of the East Akira always talks about "Johnny". His phone, those zombie things and his... thing. I have no one why he called his phone "Johnny" or what the deal is with the skeletal zombies gotiing nuts on him, but I'd just like to know know Johhny is please.

4 Answers

  • Johnny is a penis. Well penis-es.

    Johnny are the ghosts that haunt Akira's memories. Left over fragments of when he kidnapped 20,000 NEETS (all of which were naked and mostly men...so penis-es again).

    Johnny Hunter is Kuroha Diana Shiratori who is serial killer that cuts off the Johnny's (penis-es) of rapists and lets them bleed to death.

  • Eden Of The East Phone

  • johny is that dude that always hanging between guys legs...

  • He's a cartoon character.

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