Why are broken clocks so quiet?

im working on math homework and you have to solve a riddle.

so why are broken clocks to quiet

my math teacher is not an "idoit" you need to answer the problems to get the letters to the riddle or joke or whatever. Im not doing it myself because i was absent for a week and dont have time to do all this homework due tomarrow.

13 Answers

  • Because they can't tell the time!

    (mind you, a broken clock is better than one that gains or loses, because it's right twice a day!)

  • * First off, you should do your own homework.

    * Second, this isn't a riddle because the answer is obvious.

    * Third, what do clock riddles have to do with mathematics? Your teacher is an idiot.

    Broken clocks are quiet because they aren't working. Nothing is moving, so they don't make noise. Duh.

    (Evidently it's a pun - they aren't 'tocking.' Dumb joke.)

  • The above answerer is obviously an idiot. He has no snese of humor. DOWN WITH THOSE WITH NO SENSE OF HUMOR!

  • Because they aren't talking.

  • because the batteries or time gear went dead and doesnt work any more.

  • Because they never chime in?

  • because their ticker is broken

  • They're not ticking.

  • because they arent ticking?

  • because they're broken.

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