why are canaries so expensive?

they are $100 not $10-$50

4 Answers

  • Just because theyre small doesnt mean theyre cheap to breed and raise. I have no idea how much a canary costs, but remember the breeder has to buy or raise the parent birds, feed them all year, provide housing and hours of care, before they even mate and have chicks. Then the chicks have to be cared for until theyre ready for sale. The background costs for even a small bird are high, I raise quails so I know. A good breeder wont skimp on care and its worth getting a bird that has had a good start in life.

  • Well they are very cheap if you compare them to most other bird breeds at about $25 - $50, but if you do think thats expensive its probably because they are tropical birds.But Canaries make great pets! But if you were looking for something cheaper Cockatiels & budgies & lovebirds are the way to go at about $10--$15.


    I live in Australia I'm not sure about you. But i used to work at a Bird breeder and thats how much they were. Also $100 isn't that expensive for a bird either most birds are $150-2000

  • I have always wondered the same! Over here in australia (don't know where you're located) they aren't THAT expensive, but they're alot more expensive than budgies, cockatiels etc. I would have thought they'd be less as they're more prone to mites and stuff.

  • Just because they are small doesn't mean easy to breed. They are also excellent companions and is worth that much.

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