Why are Democrats so strong against Russia? Why don’t they bend over to Putin like Trump?

4 Answers

  • And how come their precious and holy Obama, and his one-time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, allowed evil, evil Russia to become so powerful, and to interfere in American politics. Obama should grovel with apology to Trump and to America.

  • Another brain-dead anonymous jackwagon who doesn’t seem to know much of anything.

    That means you’re a typical liberal.

  • Democrats believe that the Russians are more dangerous than terrorists. They are reliving only the uncool parts of the 1980s. Seriously, why try to bring back the Cold War instead of Saturday morning cartoons?

  • The Russians blew the whistle on crooked Hillary and her having Debbie Wasserman-Schultz fix the election. So, like the sore losers they are, the Democrats are trying to make the Russians and the winner look bad out of spite.

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