Why are female softball players so fat?

When college softball games are on TV, I can’t help notice that the female players are so big. Why is this? Is there some competitive advantage to being thick in the middle in softball?

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  • Most likely its just the uniform

    There’s alot of smaller softball players too

    But yeah alot of big women do play softball

    Every sport has it bigs and every sport has it smalls

  • There’s not a lot of vigorous activity in softball compared to soccer, volleyball or tennis where players need to be agile. Softball is a sport that overweight women can do with relative ease.

  • Softball player? Hon, it’s all muscle. Muscle ways more than fat. You’re not fat, trust me. Plus, weight doesn’t say if you’re fat or not. I know girls who weigh less than others yet look fatter.

  • Which ones have you been watching? Because 8/10 players are small. There aren’t alot of big players. You might find a few, but other than that…nope.

  • Choice… plain and simple. They have access to the same trainers the baseball players have, yet you see far more chunky softball plaers than baseball…

  • When you play on an infield that small, having more girth gives a distinct advantage.

  • Have you seen Prince Fielder lately?

  • r u really asking or you are just being mean?

  • Because woman softball is not a sport you dont have to do anything

  • dey r boss

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