Why are Libra men considered to be “abusive” or “violent”?

Over the past few days I have been seeing quite a few people write this about Libra men. I’m just curious to know why?

All thoughts/experiences are welcome…

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  • I do not consider all Libra men to be abusive or violent but I was in a relationship with two different Libra guys and both were abusive; both physically and mentally. I was stalked by my Libra ex for 2 years..he followed me through three different states and just would not leave me alone; he was seriously emotionally unbalanced. I finally got enough evidence of his stalking/harassment where the DA pressed felony charges against him and got him locked up for 2 years. Those experiences turned me off of Libra men permanently..I realize that may not seem right but after what I went through, I have no desire to ever date another Libra.

    I do not mean to offend any Libra guys; these are only my experiences and I definitely realize that not all Libra men are going to be abusive and violent as my ex’s were.

  • If a Libra man is abusive or violent, he’s going to have some negative Mars and Pluto aspects going on, especially with the squares, opps and even the conjunctions.

    Stressful Mars aspects to Mercury can add a tongue. Someone who says very mean things.

    Stressful Mercury aspects to Pluto can add manipulation and control by what is said, black mail, verbal abuse, etc.

    Stressful Mars-Pluto aspects can add rage and violence. Add a Moon-Pluto aspect ( square or opp ) in a man and there might be anger/rage towards women in his life. Mars-Sun stressful aspects add a temper in general. Stressful aspects to Uranus can add a random, out of nowhere anger burst.

    Any sun sign can be abusive!

    Free will is always involved, too. Some choose not to change and some do change. Sometimes when people are abusive they don’t always free great about themselves and how their life is going. I know from experience from myself. I was not physically abusive, but verbally abusive.

  • I saw that, too. It’s funny how one day, one sign gets pot-shot, and the next it’s another.

    I’ve also seen Taurus men lambasted because of Chris Brown.

    I think that some people percieve Libra men as being very emotionally unstable because of that whole scale thing. As you know, it’s a Mars or Pluto aspect thing that’s more likely to cause such a thing, and even then, free will is involved. But it’s interesting to see how people response some times.

    *But Sun doesn’t regulate anger or physicality. Mars does.*

  • * Never heard or read this characterization of Libras. It is the sign of open enemies, but as to abuse, don’t know why anyone would ask this. Of course, as with all Sun sign questions, we never know what else is placed in any chart. Maybe there is more unevolved Scorpio in the chart? Other than that, as Libra is an air sign, I would say that they would not be physically abusive, but more mentally cruel, especially with strong Scorpio, which is how I view Scorpio’s violence, rather than physically.

  • My ex husband was abusive/ violent physically, divorce now. I had dated a Libra that was stalking his ex-wife got arrested and charge was going to be jail, but paid a fine of $8000.00. He is now stalking someone else an ex-gf calling every chance. He can’t get a date to like him, because he tell them he still loves his ex-wife and ex-gf, how mess-up is that??

  • Libra men…flirty, but not a “Prince Charming” I’d say Cancer, or Taurus.

  • I’m a libra and i’m not abusive nor violent

  • I have never know anyone born under libra that i know personally to possess a violent or abusive bone in their body.

  • I rarely see Libran men express that ever, unless they’ve been put under really strong pressure.

  • I’ve been writing about mine because he really confused me. He tried talking to me, I played hard to get, then his actions showed he liked me, so I told him I liked him. Now he’s gone MIA.

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