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Why are they soooooo hot?? They have these bright eyesss and their personality is amazing and they have really nice bodies (the guys) and theyre so manly…. atleast the ones I have met

theyre also gifted musicians

and theyre sexy <33

is libra woman and saggi man a good pairing? this one website rates it 10/10

  • Fornoob Team’s answer

    ya, but libra men and sag women aren’t so hot, because sag is the more masculine sign and i don’t like men that spend more time on their hair than i do! lol

    (sag sun, libra rising girl)

  • Anonymous

    I wish they weren’t so hot haha

    It can be a good pairing. Sun signs alone, there may be some issues with the Sag. not wanting to commit and making the Libra insecure but otherwise it seems to be a good match. My sisters a Libra and almost all of her serious bfs have been Sags, and they’ve been really happy.

    Astrology is more than sun signs alone though, you’d have to look into a synastry chart to see how well you guys are compatibility wise.

  • Chanelle

    Well Sag. men do have great personalities and I know one particular guy who is one and is very HOT! I’ve witnessed two relationships with Libra and Sag. and it didn’t make a good combo. Both started off in love, ended up cheating and the relationships are like a rollercoaster!

    Go on this website and you’ll see (it all depends on the birth chart)


  • chicaboom333♎♈♑

    I know, right ? They ARE hot !!! 😀

    The personality’s just intoxicating to me !!!

    Plus, I just LOVE their sense of adventure.

    A Libra woman & a Sagittarius man is definitely a good pairing.

    Especially if the Libra woman has a lot of Sagittarius influence & vice versa.

    Air & Fire is definitely an interesting (& sexy) combination.

  • Kimmai

    I don’t know, but I agree. I love sagg men. 😉 Their confidence is so appealing. <3

    Yes libra and sagittarius are generally a good pairing.

  • Katie

    I couldn’t have said it better myself girl!

    I have come to the conclusion that Sagittarius is my soulmate and I am determined to make one of those super sexy men my husband someday 😉

  • John

    LOL. I know someone who is a sag and their,well, the exact opposite of “EFFIN HOT”.

  • Anonymous

    I’d say they are sexy I agree. I was with a saggi for five years before we parted it was awesome and the *beep* was great as well 😉

  • Fire T

    They always look so well put together in my opinion. I would say Libra’s and Sag’s are good. You fan his fire. 🙂

  • John

    I agree, they blow Scorpio’s away in the sexy and personalty department.

    For example: http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&q=Ian%20Somerha…

    Libra and Sags make a really good pairing.

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