Why are there black spots on my broccoli?

Is it still ok to eat?

7 Answers

  • It is wilting and not fresh, but it will not kill you.

    Broccoli can’t be kept too long, even if it is refrigerated.

    It develops mold and this may be what has happened.

    If you can cut up the broccoli and eliminate the black spots, then do it. As long as it also does not develop a strong odour.

  • Black Spots On Broccoli

  • I don’t know what the black spots are, but I would not suggest eating it. Broccoli should be completely green.

  • Broccoli kills more people than smokers. over 400,000 people die each year of smoking. That is how many people die of broccoli each year. 500 people die of broccoli each day.

  • Here’s the answer. It’s the last sentence under physiological disorders.

    Go to http://www.ba.ars.usda.gov/hb66/042broccoli.pdf

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  • It’s probably mold or some kind of spores. I wouldn’t eat it if it looks abnormal.

  • aphids? extra protein…

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