Why are there less children in the inner cities?

I see less children in the inner cities. There also happens to be less schools there and those schools have a lower population too. It’s mainly just grown adults. I see children in the city, but NOT as many in the central part of the city. Does it have to do with the fact that there’s more violence going on in the inner city areas and parents prefer to live outside those areas?

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  • why ask a question just to answer it yourself that’s pretty narcissistic

  • I wouldn’t give a penny in charity to keep kids trapped in the inner cities.

    Instead, I would free those adults to either escape those places or, at least, donate generously to privately fund vasectomies and tubal ligation procedures to protect the kids.

    Yeah. Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?


  • Fewer children, fewer schools. People tend to want to move to places with houses and yards when they have children. It’s mostly young people who want the night life who move to cities.

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