Why are you still on this God forsaken site? Can’t you see that it’s dead, there is no more life to it?

8 Answers

  • What you still doing here then? 

  • And yet here you are.    The logic escapes me.

  • Lol u are on here aswell anon asker so u need to seek ur own advice! It is still working and I started in 2007 so still coming here as still do not really believe it  and some ask good qs plus I wanna be rude to the staff here!

  • It sucks now but many good things happened here. Join us at: reddit.com/r/PollsAndSurveys/

  • It is so that I can say: suck on my gonorrhoea infected d1ck, *****! 

  • I’m riding this train to the end.

  • God is dead too.

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