Why couldn’t atheists provide a single successful and undefeatable argument nor evidence to prove there is no God, causing them to lose..?

..badly in the war between the R&S atheists and Christians, who were able to provide successful and undefeatable arguments , and the evidence of the Holy Bible that shows God is real?

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  • Their answer to theists believing in a God is to say God doesn’t exist. If theists are acid then atheists are alkaline but they are not neutral. Fact. Can they prove God doesn’t exist? Nope. As much as they love to argue they’ve got nothing but gas. If they were truly being honest they would be agnostic not atheist. 

    We don’t even have to assume that God doesn’t exist because there is enough evidence to prove God does exist! If you aren’t blind. The atheists play games with science and archeology and try to attack the bible. They can’t discount miracles or disprove faith. It’s as laughable as trying to use science to disprove magic. Can science detect magic? Oh they can’t? Their answer? Magic doesn’t exist. How would they know? They haven’t seen magic before. But their ego is so big that they are convinced its not possible. They are square heads. They ignore arguments of design and can’t explain what was before the Big Bang but they know 100% God doesn’t exist. Bullcrap. 

    What’s wrong with having a religion or faith? Why are they so against it? Because they don’t want to be told what is good and evil. They can’t stand people who follow a belief system. They hate our guts and want society to become secular and atheist like they are because we are an eye saw to them. They know within themselves God exists. They just keep convincing themselves God doesn’t exist. They know something created the universe but they don’t want to to give up on their desires. If religion would agree with everything they did they wouldn’t have a problem with religion, in fact, it would be cool or something positive and good. 

    Most atheists also don’t want to serve God or do anything which is really selfless though they boast they sometimes give to charity and bla bla bla. Truth be told, they want to live a life of every possible pleasure in this world. Anything that stands in their way they hate. God asks us to be selfless and make certain sacrifices. That is inconvenient to them. Its easier to deny! deny deny! No they are not Einstein or Isaac Newton or any geniuses. They just accept whatever science which gives them an escape clause to feel better about sin. 

    No one knows what’s on the other side but atheists do know that God exists if they open their eyes enough. They are TELLING GOD! the evidence that is here isn’t good enough! Sorry God! You didn’t let me win the Lotto so I don’t love you anymore. Sorry God you didn’t answer my prayers so I won’t give you any praise or thanks for anything! See how stubborn and ungrateful they are? It’s just easier to say everything is man made so they can feel justified to live however they want. They excuse isn’t if God exists or not. Their real excuses come when they have to make a choice about which God or religion. Instead of trying to search and find God instead they run after doing evil. 

    If God exists and you made an effort to find Him wouldn’t He help you? If He didn’t and you died confused and wrong would God punish you forever in eternal fire? Maybe Christianity and Islam teach that but not Judaism. God also gave us common sense and understanding. God wouldn’t give us a brain then ask us to throw it out of the window. Surely even religion has to make some sense! If the atheist had even 1% chance just abandoning God altogether makes their chances 0%. Trust me. If hell is real and the Christians and Muslims are right you won’t remember anything on earth if punishment is eternal. Let that idea sink in. How long is eternity? We make a stupid mistake with out freewill which God gave us and God hide Himself and for our human error and faults we have to suffer forever? Really? Is living like its your last day everyday going to somehow prevent you from missing out in comparison to eternity? 

    Atheists can’t prove magic doesn’t exist. Atheists haven’t disproven the supernatural. If people have witnessed the spiritual how can an atheist change their mind? They can’t. So an atheist didn’t see the splitting of the Reed Sea. Doesn’t mean miracles haven’t, can’t or won’t happen again. If your mind is so small that you would discount something without absolute definitive proof, God hasn’t been definitely disproven then I would seriously question that person’s honest and decision making. 

  • I’ve never seen any god do anything.  Thus, it is proved.  There is no god.

  • Why can’t you come up with a sensible question?

    Because you are

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  • The first person to produce a single tiny little piece of verifiable evidence for any god will become world famous and mega rich!

    Academia states that in the absence of any sort of evidence of the existence of something it must be deemed not to exist until verifiable evidence is found – thus god is held not to exist pending some sort of verifiable evidence.

    The bible is what is called “Faction” A fictional story set in a factual time and place. Thus the time, place and real historical characters are all correct but the fictional characters and stories are not!

    There is not one single mention of Jesus in the entire Roman record – that is right – not one! At the same time as he was supposed to have been around there were a number of Jews claiming to be the messiah – all of whom are well recorded!

    There is not a single contemporary record from any source and even the bible mentions of him like all other references were not written until many years after his supposed death!

    He was supposed to have been a huge problem to the Romans and produced wonderful miracles but still not one contemporary record?

    Even the bible mentions of him like all other references were not written until many years after his supposed death!

    Pilate is recorded in the Roman record as a somewhat lack luster man but no mention of a Jesus, a trial or crucifixion that would surely have been used to make him look brighter!

    At best he was an amalgam of those others but almost certainly never existed!

    Not one word of it is contemporary with the period and was not written until several hundred years after the period the story is set in!! How did the apostles write their books more than a hundred years after they would have been dead?

    Christianity is an invention of the Italians and that is why it came from the Holy ROMAN Catholic church!

    Please realize that those claims for the Old historians are worthless since they were not even born until long after everyone in the stories would have been so long dead!

    Josephus AD 37 – AD 100

    Tacitus AD 56 – AD 120

    Suetonius – 69 – 130 AD

    Pliny the Younger, 61 AD – 112 AD

    Justin Martyr (Saint Justin) AD103–165 AD

    Lucian – AD 120 -180 AD but he was hostile to Christianity and openly mocked it.

    Pamphilius AD 240-309 AD

    Eusebius AD 263 – 339 AD

    Photius AD 877 – 886 AD

    Thallus – But there are no actual record of him except a fragment of writing which mentions the sack of Troy [109 BC] Showing that he was clearly not alive in biblical times.

    Some even try to use Seneca. 4 BCE – 65 CE but as a Stoic Philosopher he opposed religion yet made not a single mention of a Jesus or Christianity!

    Even funnier is trying to claim Celsus AD ? – 177 AD Who said that Jesus was a Jew who’se mother was a poor Jewish girl whose husband, who was a carpenter, drove her away because of her adultery with a Roman soldier named Panthera. She gave birth to an illegitimate child named Jesus. In Egypt, Jesus became learned in sorcery and upon his return presented himself as a god.

    Research shows whilst education reduces religious belief each year of further education reduces religious belief by up to 10%!

  • Because they have none, dear.  But you are right dear, Christians have many successful and undefeatable arguments, for example the one that defeated atheists in R&S is:

    “Where is the greater love than what God taught that we should follow when we do as atheists ask and ‘leave religion behind’?  Where is the atheist that can show us a greater love than Christ ever showed?’

    they can’t do that dear, because there is no greater love than the love of God, dear.

    And yes dear the atheists keep ignoring the testimonial evidence of the Holy Bible, and it does show God is real!  i know because i tried to prove God is not real.  But i could not be intellectually dishonest and pretend God isn’t real and the Holy Bible doesn’t contain procedures to help people find God, when both are true, dear.

  • Even you don’t believe the rubbish you have posted, Flowerchild. You have been defeated. Accept it and give up.

  • Exactly WHAT reliably testable evidence have christians been able “to provide successful and undefeatable arguments , and the evidence of the Holy Bible that shows God is real”.

    We’ll wait… but you only have 2 days, so you’d better get crack-a-lacking.


  • Here’s the proof ……. Hey god thingy, if you exist then IMMEDIATELY appear below….


    I’M STILL WAITING……………………….

    WHERE ARE YOU?????

    Oh I get it…. YOU DON’T EXIST.

  • The burden of proof is on those making the claim. The Bible is extremely poor evidence unless you’re willing to admit that Spider-Man is real because there are comics about him.

  • If you are a believer, then go ahead and believe.  The rest of us know what the truth is.

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