why did china create this virus, to kill off old people?

9 Answers

  • They didn’t Trump is the one that escalated the whole thing not doing as he’s told.

  • Where did you get that information?

  • To control the world and that’s what they mean to do.

  • Where did you get that information?

  • The widely accepted theory is that it came from an animal and mutated, passed on to an intermediate host and then on to humans…  

  • It didn’t

    If it were released on purpose, it would be more lethal, and more selective

  • Expansionist moves to undermine anyone anyone that has been standing in their way been planned for a long time now and the play book is easy to read…

  • Your guess may be a lot more true.

  • It wasn’t China. It was the aliens. They only wanna feast on healthy,  young and fresh brains…

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