Why did Jack Ruby Murder Lee harvey Oswald?

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  • He was notʙʀᴇᴀsт fed as a child.

  • When Ruby was arrested immediately after the shooting, he told several witnesses that his killing of Oswald would show the world that "Jews have guts," that he helped the city of Dallas "redeem" itself in the eyes of the public, and that Oswald's death would spare Jacqueline Kennedy the ordeal of appearing at Oswald's trial. Later, however, he claimed he shot Oswald on the spur of the moment when the opportunity presented itself, without considering any reason for doing so. The weapon used by Ruby was a snub-nosed Colt Cobra .38 with the serial number 2744 LW.

    Ruby's motives have been debated. Some believe that Ruby carried out Mafia orders with a "hit," because he was actually part of a conspiracy to assassinate the president. According to this theory, Ruby silenced Oswald to prevent Oswald from testifying at his upcoming trial. Suspicion was aroused by the fact that Ruby was able to freely enter a supposedly secure area, armed with a loaded, concealed revolver. Others have suggested that Ruby was an emotionally unstable, obsessive publicity-seeker who revered Kennedy and was seeking vengeance on his own.

    Shortly before Ruby's death from a pulmonary embolism on January 3, 1967 (although by the fall of 1966 Ruby was also suffering from rapidly spreading lung cancer, with which he believed he had been deliberately infected), a friend insisted that Ruby tell the truth before he died. Ruby replied, "Listen, you know me well, and you know I'm a reasonable businessman. I wouldn't have done it if I did not have to do it." In spite of rambling comments that might be interpreted differently, to the end Ruby insisted that he had not been part of any assassination conspiracy. As his mental condition deteriorated, however, Ruby claimed that Jews were being slaughtered in the building where he was awaiting a new trial, as part of a second Holocaust.

  • Come on people wake up

     If you really believe the Warren commission report your in denial..  Trained snipers couldn't repeat those shots they way they were explained,, with semi automatic  weapons let alone a bolt action Carcono. 
    Oswald  was just like he said, A Patsy..He may have been included in some of the talks (just enough to make the setup). and realized he was being setup and that's why he fled..

    He would have spilt the beans and had to be silenced..

    Everyone knows Ruby had Mafia ties..The Mafia wasn't too happy with JFK at the time.. Why would they take Oswald out for killing him???  Jesus will you people learn to add 2 and 2

  • Good question. The answer to which we'll never know - because Jack Ruby never revealed the reason.

    There have been a gazillion conspiracy theories about this, but one seems to be that Jack Ruby was hired by the either the "mob" or by politicians to keep Oswald from naming names.

  • He was ordered by the mob. Back in the 1970's an aging mobster named Johnny Roselli began telling reporters, namely Jack Anderson, how the mob ordered Ruby to kill Oswald to silence him.

  • I believe Ruby did it to keep Oswald from talking.

  • Who knows? Maybe Ruby liked kennedy so much that he had to kill Kennedy's killer. Or, maybe Ruby is implicated in the whole mess, and he had to silence Oswald to protect himself.

  • lee harvey oswald was a patsy so the story goes.

  • That's a very good question. And I don't think we'll ever know the answer. I believe JFK's assassination was a conspiracy and Ruby was part of that conspiracy.

  • 1. Jackie Kennedy had it done to shut him up.

    He was the only one that could involve her in JFK's shooting.

    1. The Democrat Party had him killed to shut him up. They had JFK killed because his tax cuts worked. (The Democrat Party still hates JFK to this very day.)

    There's two choices. One of them is right. But no one knows for sure which one.

  • yes again i will say it was to shut him up

    i remember when it happened thats what everyone

    was saying then and still say it now

    it's the one of the biggest conspiracies of all time

    some people believe that the illuminati or the bilderburgs

    didn't like Kennedy going against their plans

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