Why Did Kellogg’s Discontinue Yogos?

Yogos were these little fruity ball shaped foods that were in a package similar to a granola bar package. Why are they gone?

6 Answers

  • Yogos stopped selling because they weren’t being sold out anymore so they became discontinued 🙁

  • I remember a big fuss about them putting too much sugar in things so they stopped selling things they couldn’t make taste the same with less sugar. If it’s not one of those then it will just be a lack of sales as already mentioned.

  • Yogos were f*cking awesome but they were marketed towards kids with health nut parents. They had way too much sugar for that market so they discontinued them. Big mistake on their part because the kids that couldn’t buy them before have jobs now and I’m pretty sure most of them (at least me) would but l o d s o f y o g o s.

  • I don’t know, but what tastes exactly like them is these

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  • yes. They are gone because they weren’t selling.

  • Well I didn’t notice they weren’t there anymore

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