Why did Michael Jackson wear bright red lipstick?

Or "lip tinting" or whatever the hell. Why would a man opt to wear bright red lipstick?. I also believe he wore blush too; as I've seen on numerous pictures on the web. What was goin' on with him?. Was he hoping by "dolling himself up" he could have an easier time landing a twelve year old boy???. Follow link to view pictures:



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  • she's not ugly??

    lol what you been smoking?

  • Michael Jackson Lipstick

  • Las manchas blancas en la piel o vitíligo son una afección que afecta a un pequeño porcentaje de la población, entre un 0,5 y un 3%, pero que se hacen notar debido a lo mucho que afea la piel.

    El vitíligo se produce porque la piel deja de producir melanina debido a la muerte de unas células llamadas melanocitos en ciertas zonas, que son las que aparecen en blanco.

    No obstante, existe una forma de curar las manchas de la piel. Te dejo aquí un link para que tú puedas descubrirla y valerte de ella. Mucho ánimo y no te dejes derrotar.


  • Oh wow.

    More lame questions!



    MJ wore it because of his vitiligo. What's the big deal?

    Besides, he looked great. YOU might need to get a new optometrist, honeychild.

  • It could be a tattoo for all I care. He could have tried to promote Pepsi and got burned for it, not that we cared. We freaked out on 'Beat it' in my day and that's what great music does.

  • Get a life already.

    I think you should get going to your Sunday Night Hooker shift hun' Leave MJ alone. We don't give a damn if you hate him.

  • It seems to make women more attractive (well to me anyways!). So yes, RLS + Big lips is amazing 😉

  • Because he wanted to and he could and it's none of your business.

  • Because he had vitilgo that depigmented the color of his skin, including lips.

  • Let him rest in peace, he caught enough while he was alive!

  • He's dead leave the man alone

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