Why did The Deluded Troll say fish catches are down globally?

All the stats I found show fishing’s been up for decades ——->

5 Answers

  • Because like Democrats they merely make up their own fake facts and regurgitate them over and over till the weak minded believe their lies.

  • Because it is. Google it. #Global fish harvest declining# . I don’t know what your graph is supposed to show, or where you got it from, but it’s too small to read.

  • Even if there were reduced fish catches, blaming it on our CO2 would be asinine and typical for these anti-science zealots.  Certain countries, mostly Asian, have huge factory ships that plunder many fisheries.  That would obviously be more significant than a degree of atmospheric temperature.  There are other factors too such as people living on the coasts, dams, farming with pesticides and fertilizer flowing into the oceans, etc.  CO2 and warming from humans is a non-issue.  It is like wildfires.  These idiot zealots just try to use anything for their hate filled agenda.  

  • Not hard to figure.

    During a warm trend (current cycle for about 200 years) life is more abundant. On land as well as sea.

    Just like the difference between summer / winter. One of the main drawback to the little ice age was malnutrition which resulted in more susceptibility to illnesses.

    Modern technology has greatly improved food production but it wud still be hard presses to keep feeding people when the next ice age hits (which is inevitable regardless of liberal scaremongering about “10 years til we all burn up”).

  • Who is the deluded troll?  Or do I want to know?  lol

    Anyway, I’m not an expert, but I see more food than ever in the world.  It’s somewhat easier to grow food.

    I think the real shortages result from war, civil war, politics, moving from rural to urban, and other politics.  

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