why did the rabbit buy a pure gold ring?

why did the rabbit buy a pure gold ring

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  • Cute joke! I like it!


  • easily, there’s a non chemistry way. genuine gold is marked on the interior with the karat of gold it extremely is, like it extremely is going to say 9k or 10k, then 14k, 18k, 20k, 24k. something below 9k isn’t lots, something over 24k will bend very extremely. If it extremely is fake, the gold plating or in spite of it extremely is lined with will start to return off finally. wish this permits! with the aid of the way 14k and 18k are the two maximum elementary purities of gold in rings. those purities do no longer bend extremely. So do no longer hear to the guy that already replied announcing that it’s going to bend extremely.

  • Cause it had a lot of “carrots”!

    I like this joke. Very funny. πŸ˜€

  • no you are all wrong, it was 32 carrots not 24 or alot. sheesh don’t you know your jokes? go bunnys walala dum dum kaboom ding dong pppp im soooooooo hyper yo ya yu yi yy ye ha ha ha …ha…ha…h…a ok imm normal now g-bye weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im hyperAGAIN alalalala woosh oh im tierd k bye

  • because it had a lot of carrots

  • because it was 24 “carrots”

  • to get more karats …this was in my math homework…corny joke lol



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