Why did the USSR have more strategic ballistic missiles than the US during the latter stages of the Cold War in 1968-1991?

(1) Is it because US GDP couldn’t afford to project America’s military might globally whilst maintaining nuclear parity with the Soviet Union?

(2) The Soviet Union’s military expenditure was constantly less than America throughout the Cold War since the Soviet sphere of influence was restricted to E. Europe, Central Asia and Siberia, but America has consistently projected its military capability throughout the world – This meant that the Soviets could well afford to maintain its numerically superior nuclear arsenal due to limitations in the size of US GDP.

Do you agree that both (1) and (2) are required to produce a correct answer to the question?

2 Answers

  • We both had enough to blow up the entire world several times over. That’s an insane amount.

    Your analysis is quite abstruse, so I wouldn’t say I agree with it.

  • MIRV

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