why do american football players have some towels hanging from their waist ?

(I think only the QBs have them).

Is it to wipe the sweat or something… ?

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  • The ones who handle the ball (QBs, receivers, running backs) usually have them — it’s to dry the sweat off their hands so that the ball doesn’t slip out of their hands.


  • Football Towels

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  • Some its superstition, like Boobie Miles in Friday Night Lights, mostly its just so quarterbacks can dry their hands.

  • I think you’re referring to the hand warmers. Well, it’s to warm their hands. When they use a towel, it is usually to wipe sweat and mud that might make the ball slippery.

  • It is for sweat. When I played in highschool I had one because I thought it was cool. But, yeah, it is for sweat, mud, blood, beer from a Lambeau Leap…

  • It depends on many factors

  • to wipe off their hands

  • yeah to make sure their hands are dry

  • wipe the sweat or something

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